8 months ago

Twin Cities PRIDE awakening

What a week! From  wedding receptions to picnic baskets to parade floats,  along with menu planning and grilling nonstop, well  I guess you could say I’m sunburned and exhausted but in the very best way.  And keeping the faith. With everything. Especially mankind. And I’ll leave it at that.

These are strange times. What has come before me is now very important to me. Marching with the guys and gals today; witnessing the diversity and then having the ENTIRE parade shut down due to protest was VERY eye-opening. And awakened my sense of  activism as well, because the Stonewall Riot was a protest.   It’s what started pride. It was an extremely stressful two hours but the street line-up party went on and we waited our turn.

And with that, the show did go on… The pomp, the circumstance, it was a party delayed but a celebration still had.  And we might have danced a little longer then we normally would have….. just in case the next time we’re dancing on our own.

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