7 months ago

Sunday TeaDance

It seems as though once upon my time, Sunday summer afternoon’s were spent poolside/ beachfront/on a dock/pier somewhere fabulous;  Provincetown, the Hudson Piers, Rehoboth Beach, or Key Wests’ docks… drinking cocktails, spinning vinyl and mindfully dancing the afternoon away…

Now, anyway, they are spent contemplating the previous weeks’ good/bad/indifferent  experiences and what I can take from them into the following week ahead.  Along with preparing meals and household chores. LOL,  I guess I’ve gotten a little boring and old. But for that I am grateful and know in the bigger picture  this is time well spent. This past week has been filled with ups and downs yet a single message I received stayed with me :

“The Will  of God will not take you where the Grace of God cannot protect you.”

And even on my “oh-so-humbling” days all I know is that kindness and hospitality got me thru. Kindness and offering words of support can make a difference and a moment of grace.


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One Thought on “Sunday TeaDance”

  1. I love, and look forward to, reading your blog’s. Each message offers love, support and wisdom. Keep up the great work.