2 weeks ago

Snow Squals

Sheets of snow sliding off the roof top and then blowing into the wind and literally covering my view of the skyline; It’s just SURREAL actually. I feel like I’m living in a snow globe this morning… LOL,  along w/ making lavender candles after awaking and baking scones. Now for a healthier breakfast…

 Next up; a drive up to campus in Ames and a visit (with the office of diversity and inclusion) for a potential position that I’m interested in. Maybe it’s just cabin-fever or being snowbound, LMAO,  (well probably both) that have me feeling restless & contemplative, and looking forward to a spring thaw.  The frozen ground may not give way to a shovel, but it does yield to the fertile imagination.  Especially when spurred by stacks of plant and seed catalogs and Martha Stewart garden books!

Thank God for the fabulous parties I get to throw at the restaurant. Making arrangements with pussy willow, maidenhair fern, mosses, hellebore and forcing quince branches (my favorite) at least affords me the luxury of thinking and feeling “spring time”….. even in these white-out conditions….. I do have to say though I miss the farmhouse in Clare during winter. SO MUCH room to create topiaries & propagate seeds. LOL.

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