8 months ago

Shamelessly 2.0

and, at times, SPEECHLESS right now. All things seem so sureal; especially with healthcare/insurance/medication management and expenditures for Grandma B.’s cancer diagnosis/ upcoming surgeries.

ANYWAY,  fortunately, there is hope and the possibility of a good prognosis. She has the very best of the best doctors/care/attention/follow up/ (Daniel Palmer) and Lauren by Ralph Lauren sleepwear/bathrobe/bedding; LOL I told her they were from the resort collection 2017, & her hospital stay would be more “spa-like” than anything. (Sometimes these early stages of dementia come in quite handy; just saying.)

“Hope Floats”… so I’ve been told and I’m going to trust that process…  it’s worked in my lifetime friendships as well as my inter-personal family relationships.  Now if I could just find that 90-year-old billionaire on life-support to marry, well I’ll make it after all.

Also,  and in the same category of hope, even though pride month is “over” (  no offense but for me it’s sort of daily )  the Equality journey continues worldwide… w/ Germany  now a new “destination wedding” venue.

Last but not least, Farm to table 2.0 begins soon as well!  The new generation of proof will be off the charts this harvest. So looking forward to farmers market and sunset picnics w/ Panachepoints.com & garden dinner parties catered w/ Butcher Crick Farms produce! Just being able to entertain out in the fields is a true joy…

As I spend my afternoon baking pies and prepping for a Fourth of July barbecue (with octogenarians at Elsie Mason Manor) I do have to say I love the patriotic traditions & tablescaping possibilities of this Holiday Weekend!

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