6 months ago

Road Trip

On route 65, through central to southern Iowa; just about at the border.

And then back again… but had lots of time to think and contemplate what’s next and just felt grateful to be out in the fields of opportunity.  LOL, there’s already democratic/Republican races beginning for the next governor’s seat.

Next up; FARM-to-operating Table.  For grandma B. anyway. She’ll finally get that knee replaced and be AOK and smiling again.  Even if the physical therapy kills her.

Anyway, so for now, out into the fields (and then off to Minnesota). My project this afternoon is finding table-scaping materials & wild grasses from the ditches for next months centerpieces.

(Oh and we’ll begin our harvest dinners w/proof next month as well! Don’t forget to make reservations online: www.proofrestaurant.com)

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