9 months ago

Monster power bars & the beach

Stopped by The Keller Brick Barn to get the backstory & then ECHO’s in Waukee,  and loaded up on the best cookies I’ve had in a while for the drive to the Twin Cities, and then to Wisconsin, with my childhood friend, Todd.

LOL, anyway,  The past few days have been a fabulous trip down memory lane, as we prepared for PRIDE, building  parade floats and contemplating celebrations; and decorated his veranda w/ climbing rose bushes, while reminiscing about days gone by at Troy Beach. And we have laughed till our guts ache…..

 From practicing my calligraphy & catching up w/ creating beach cocktails & canapés, these much needed 48 hours have been extremely reassuring as to that what lies ahead is so much more important than what lies behind. And to celebrate the past because we survived it. Right here; right now. Spinning or spun. No excuses, because you just never know…..

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