9 months ago

Milk Barn Nuptuals…


Just WOW.

(in letters the size of the Hollywood sign)

It was THE perfect wedding. The perfect venue. The perfect hospitality from the hosts at the Barn. And 5-star  catering from HY VEE in Waukee!  And a perfect sky with millions of stars! (and the mother of the bride inspired me more than any other ever has)  OH, and most of all, the teamwork from some talented gals who put up with me all morning!

I was only asked  to stay three hours, but the family and friends of the Bridal Party wouldn’t hear of it, and asked me to stay for the entire day. It was an extraordinary event.  And the dude who tore up the dance floor literally all night I will never forget. The bride and Groom have a wonderful friends.

And  somehow I just KNOW they will happily ever after.  The family are all epic human beings.

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