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As I try  to embrace whats next & “where am I’m going to?” & “Does it do the most good?”  I also find myself more secure with what I’m doing than ever, following what feels good in my soul, and  only truly worrying about the little things like “what’s The thread count on this pillow sham…” well, this gift of imperfection sometimes, and wholeheartedly, makes me laugh out loud…

These frigid temps and ugly windchills have made me just want to “nest” and take care of myself;   besides everyone I know is sick right now and I don’t want to get the flu… (Even though I got the shot!)  and I’ve had the opportunity to catch-up, plan some menus and prepare for an upcoming cocktail party with the Governor. (And 150 of her closest friends…LOL)

But I thank God for the gift of hospitality And truly inspiring & authentic culinary experiences! Along w/ tradition, which is the foundation upon which Proof is built.   And there is proof in the pudding, I assure you.


“Entertaining really just boils down to treating guests like a long lost friends.”

Sean Wilson

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