8 months ago

Full Buck Moon


feeling exhausted, but can’t sleep …  (and feeling alittle like Fiona Gallagher)

I’m spending the weekend at grandma B’s, to make sure she gets through it seamlessly, as we’re both EXTREMELY grateful she was able to leave the hospital earlier this evening.   Everything went better than expected with her surgeries and the prognosis is extremely good. We are very blessed.

I just feel very numb… LOL… These past few weeks have been very humbling and I never realized cancer touches so many peoples lives; from infants to octogenarians.  And most of it seems ruthless…  I’m grateful they found it &  could remove all of it from her body.

And tonight, as I wander aimlessly downtown taking pictures, this all still seems like something out of a movie.

GB said it had never felt better than to be back home; She got comfortable and immediately fell asleep… and I baked a pie and now try to figure out what to do with myself… (I was going to try to read a new book, but  I think I am about to enter into a “SHAMELESS” marathon; finally getting caught up through season seven!)

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