5 months ago

DMOS… oh and Fall.

OMG, what a manic Monday all the way around. LOL but it seems like everyone’s on a road to recovery so that’s all that matters!!!

  Thank God last week was basically nonstop for party planning, holiday menu-design, event preparations, and so excited for the tripleheader called Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas!!!

OMG…and the 10-course squash dinner at Proof  Saturday night, was off the charts and I can’t believe I am so in love with squash now!

(oh and from on now; as in forever it, will always be known as “purse first”.

BTW…  LMAO… even “third place” made the evening of pumpkin carving at Reed’s Hollow a wonderful accomplishment.

Next year I’ll learn how to better carve before hand. My Dremmel drill was fabulous but not the most utilitarian. LOL!!!

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