3 months ago

Christmas cookie mania

I’m in Chicago for the Month of December this year; at times slightly overwhelmed, but every day I learn something new from these ladies who I’m working with/training at a rehab/rehabilitation center in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. I’m trying to share my holiday spirit, LOL, as well as the traditions that come from my family in New Jersey.

My most cherished memories of Christmas and my childhood have to do with the holiday season. The one gift I received from my mother outlasted all others; she taught me to strive for the best, follow my heart, and the holidays taught me much about family unity and style and loving and fun

My mom encouraged me to be inventive and industrious and was truly the queen of craft making & decorating. I feel SO blessed this morning as I look out the kitchen window at the skyline of Chicago and I remember. I will always follow the traditions she instilled in us and now get to create golden moments with others who I know will recall w/ joy in years to come.  

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