4 months ago

Cancer SUCKS

 Never a dull moment.

 Another week of event planning and entertaining has begun and yesterday I started to feel a little under the weather so after taking grandma B to daycare for a lunch, I ran in for a quick check up at the Doctor.

During A routine check up/allergy test,  somehow They find a freckle   That’s like a mini lump in the middle of my back that’s MUCH darker than all the other’s and mention the word biopsy…  and of course my mind goes right to the C-word. LORDY LORDY. LOL. Hopefully.

I told the doctor I had several parties coming up and didn’t have time for this and sort of laughed and she said that it wasn’t funny. She said that self-care is the most important thing in life. She even went as far as quoting the philosopher Epicurus, “it is never too early or too late to care for the well-being of your soul.”

o.k. MIND BLOWN… ( I googled him.)

Fortunately, knowledge is power and watching grandma B. recuperate from colon cancer this summer and now recuperate from a knee replacement, THANK GOD, something tells me no matter what we’re going to be just fine. I’m going to take some bed rest, read Andy Warhol biographies, buy some shoes on-line & will be sparkling and dazzling in no time! Count on it.

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