7 months ago

Back to Reality…

Thinking about the month ahead, (and THEN the upcoming holiday season) makes me realize summers’ almost over already… LORDY LORDY,  how did that happen??? LOL!  I’m just now learning how to sail!!!
(But fortunately, spending some much needed quality time with good friends recently has helped me refocus my energy’s as well as my rather “rare brand”…..)

BUT, rarity doesn’t mean having the most radically different cuisine, Design, tablescape, or theme. It means you must have a consistent identity that cannot be replicated.  And you all know I want to be an iconic host … LOL; someday!!!

“An iconic hosts identity is never questioned, it is known.”

Frank  Marrenbach
  So be your own best friend & just focus on heritage, craftsmanship, ingredient, and rarity; which means something that is hard to find elsewhere.  And after all, rarity should never shout – it whispers. Just sayin’.

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