9 months ago

A different kind of Pride

What began as an incredibly awesome start to the week with the capital city pride parade on Sunday,  and citywide celebrations, it has now become rather a surreal week with doctors appointments and a battery of tests for grandma B.

Even though she seems AOK, there’s trouble in paradise with her hemoglobin count.  Along with her lack of appetite. But it’s certainly didn’t stop her from being part of the festivities and she told me it inspired her.

I have to say she inspires me daily and empowers me to live my life to the fullest.  And the kindness that she shows other people speaks volumes of her content of character, and is something I hope I follow in her footsteps with.

I’m really not too sure what to say here because we are still waiting on test results from the specialist, but I’m going to trust this process and believe that everything is going to be OK. No matter what.

The pride festival and parade on Sunday were over-the-top fabulous and the sense of community w/ the respect for diversity was awe-inspiring, to say the least.

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