4 months ago

Garden of Eden

All the leaves are brown, and the skies are gray. But I’m just wishing that I could be packing a Carry-on & be with my Mom on Thanksgiving Day!

So many recipes and so many dishes being prepped right now… LOL!  But we are very blessed and off to a good start with a fabulous-smelling brine w/ Rosemary thyme lavender Bouquet garni.  I even have Grandma B. pumping out a pie while I make Garland. She’s almost fully recovered from the knee replacement and is ready to go full steam ahead. LOL.

I think about my mom so much during the holidays; of all the traditions she instilled in my memory and how pleasant all those memories are…OMG…back in the day she was truly the QUEEN of crafts and an incredible Den Mother, when I was in Cub Scouts, and I think she was a Girl Scout troop leader as well… LOL…And quite possibly the president of the PTA

I’m not sure I just know she was MARTHA before Martha. LMAO

It’s the things she made that I cherish the most now… My grandma Pauline’s as well…  along with the traditions, recipes, And memories. I’m so grateful for them.

(And wreath making skills, too, I might add!!!)

Along with a good dessert. LOL

(even if it’s just a cookie!!!)

And any time spent at the lake! Even in these 30° temperatures this morning!!!


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