2 months ago

2018; Let it Begin

 Not really even sure where to start. The past 30 days have been a roller coaster ride of epic proportion’s; mostly exciting and a scream, but also with a few almost epiphany-like moments that left me slightly off my game.

I’m not even so sure how to describe them so I won’t. I will say that  I’m extremely grateful for all of them; good and bad, and feel extremely blessed, hope-filled and optimistic going into 2018.

And will only go where I am celebrated and not just tolerated.

I have so many people to be thankful for in my life; OMG, from grandma B., to both my families; in Iowa, and  BOTH coasts, And recently now one in Chicago. Family is not always of  a bloodline; I have found it is where my heart is.

And even though I’ve worried about becoming a lonely bitter old queen, I know now that love, like beauty, is where you find it and that you’re never too old to still live happily ever after. I will always follow traditions that I was raised with.  And from this point forward I will only focus on doing the most good. 

I guess there will always be moments where I feel like Diana Ross in the movie “Mahogany”, but, I know I’m finally on the right road & this journey is nowhere near its end. If you’re reading this post, I wish you joy and happiness and hope you believe the best still lies ahead.

And Hell, you might even find true love at a truck stop. (LOL. who knows!)

Just saying.

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