2 months ago

The Long Way Home

“a thousand-mile drive sure has a way of clearing the corridors of one’s mind…”

Saying goodbye to my mother and father (even just for the next two months) was heartbreaking to say the least, but doing it at the crack of dawn was the easiest way out, as no one had time for any tears or truly heart-wrenching goodbyes. We had had a long day and night before @ the VA for my Father & then taking down Christmas trees and packing away ornaments while I got to hear the stories of each one (cannot begin to express what that means to me…) and I am in tears right now just thinking about it.

ANYWAY….LOL, then on the road for literally 27 hours (with brief pitstops at the outlet centers in the upper Mid-West), with all the memories of the past 22 days swirling around in my mind. There were so many times  I laughed out loud in the truck! SO MANY TIMES. Most of the memories were with my sister… (She cracks me up)

LOL…so tonight as I sit here taking down grandma B’s Christmas tree, and going through my mail, the Christmas cards take me back a few weeks and  help me relive the magic and HOPE one more time…..

And look forward to the events & parties this month and sparkling and dazzling into a brand-new year. All I know for sure about 2017 is I’m going to trust the process and just believe in family. (And all my Sisters…) 

And truly thank God for the memories. It makes this dreadful task of UN-decorating bearable. 

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