1 month ago

What a week!

February is always a very frustrating month for me; as I review & rehash the previous year and start to plan events for the year ahead, I continuously find myself wanting and needing to raise the bar even higher. And in re-working this website and blog the past few days, that frustration provided an opportunity to reevaluate some things.

The past few months have changed some of my thinking and perception around this, as now I find myself needing and wanting to focus on what’s truly important; humility and kindness. Not that I haven’t always thought that was important but especially after this holiday season with my family on the East Coast, I realize that no matter how things appear or how sparking and dazzling they may seem, what matters is the feelings of when everything is said and done.

I am grateful though, for the unexpected curves life throws my way lately… LOL… From new friends, to out-of-the-blue experiences, to incredible opportunities for hospitality.

And even this morning, as I struggle with my bed linen collection choices, well, LOL, I’m just going to go with what makes me sleep best at night & makes me feel good inside. Even if it all doesn’t match…

In closing I also need to say that I need to continue to educate myself on different cultures and different religions and not get sucked into this political nightmare were experiencing in our great country. And I would hope that you would think about doing the same… just sayin’.

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