3 months ago

Traditions call


I think my most cherished memories of my childhood have to do with the holiday season… 

I’m the oldest child in our family of five, and I always looked forward to lighting and trimming the tree, w/ my father… (And wore his patience thin… LOL.)

But it was my mother teaching me how to make presents, from nature, and constantly encouraging me to be industrious and inventive, with what we had to work with from our house & yard, that I remember most. Both of us loved being outdoors in December.
She truly made me learn the crafts that I am still creating today. And we had 40 foot ever green and blue spruce trees surrounding our one and a half acre property. 

So yes; LOL, EPIC wreaths, swags, garlands & tablescapes were created.    Just saying. 

Along with The month before Christmas spent in the kitchen, making homemade Stollens and literally dozens of varieties of handmade Christmas cookies. It was really my grandmother Pauline, who instilled my deepest holiday traditions. Remembering her taking the time to tell me stories while we dipped Spritz cookies in melted chocolate and made nonpareil’s while we laughed about Sonny & Cher & Edith & Archie Bunker and dealing with diversity. She provided me the sanctuary and opportunity to truly be myself. And she would let me eat as many cookies as I wanted to.

As I pack today to prepare to leave tomorrow for the Pocono Mountains and a week with my family, politics and religion aside, I remember. Fondly.

Very Fondly.

We still laugh; as we remember. And we follow the traditions established by our grandparents all the while creating our own new traditions and sparke & dazzle and create hope that we will recall fondly in the years to come.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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