Beau Fodor Founder of Panache Iowa's Premier Event Planner

Panache’s founder and senior partner, Beau Fodor has always considered Iowa home and his return to the state a decade ago found him utilizing his landscape design and Master Gardener background to transform bean fields into exquisite party venues in the Central Iowa area. Suddenly, knowing where the food came from was a powerful as the enjoyable experience food represented. Buying fresh and local isn’t just a saying to Beau but rather a way of doing business and making Panache events different from all the rest. Connecting the “why” not just the “how” of events became his focus.

Beau’s professional background working with executives from Martha Stewart Living, Ralph Lauren/POLO, Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home & Christian Dior have groomed him into the unique visionary he has become to be Iowa’s premier event planner.

Making Iowa the headquarters of his business for the last 15 years and  with the addition of offices and resources in New Jersey and Central California, Beau is able to work with clients across the country. Beau has also worked for as an ambassador for the state of Iowa, with “IPR” (International Professional Relations, Inc.), an international relocation company, helping John Deere & Principal employees coming from all over the world, to relocate & live w/ their families & start new lives here in Iowa.

Beau’s broad experience with events and weddings as well as his understanding of the value of diversity and sustainability provides him with a solid platform on which to build relationships with clients who want to bring their events to life and make them memorable. Beau has chosen Iowa as Panache’s headquarters though he has staged and executed events all over the country.Recent visibility (and controversy) has made Beau realize his desire to shine the spotlight on Iowa as a beautiful and diverse state, showing the rest of the world just how fabulous it really is. Through Beau, people will see the fields of opportunity Iowa has to offer as a dream event and wedding destination. Beau’s leadership and mentoring have helped countless people realize their dream as part of the event and wedding industry in Iowa.