Blizzard conditions & Winter entertaining

LOL, 5 parties, in 5 days…. loving every minute.

And collaborating w/ true visionaries & creative talents, inspiring me to push the envolope as far as I can.

From a simple dinner, to a brunch, to a birthday party, to a happy-hour buffet for 80-year-old grandmother’s,  to aromatheraputic party trays for a “Chanel Beauty” event!!!

Even w/ below-zero wind chills. LORDY, Lordy…

Fortunately  a glass-boxed venue & literally dozens of tulips lining sequined covered tables seem to bring a sense of spring… LOL, at least visually!

And lighting taper candles always make me like there’s sense in the world. Even at -20 below…..


Waiting for SEQUINS!

LOL, sequin runners to be exact… From Beyond Elegance!

I’m at Wells Fargo Arena, watching the set up for BRAVO, and cannot get over the logistics and the fabulous team work that’s involved. I’ve done several events now with this group of dedicated employees and am in AWE of their customer service and attention to detail. 


The BRAVO event isn’t until tomorrow night, so everyone is right on schedule!

And, speaking of schedules, these next 48 hours are tight! From a Chanel event in the morning to a POP-UP BRUNCH Sunday morning and a Birthday dinner to follow… Well, an exciting weekend at Proof Restaurant awaits! 


Hazy Shade of Winter

The Caucus’ & Ground Hogs Day blizzard of 2016 (a no-show, really) have passed & I’m  beginning the prepping for a weekend of entertaining; Chanel, proof, a senator & a cocktail party… LOL…

And already on top of Valentines Day; featuring “breakfasts’ in bed”. With a picnic-basket-style option as well. (w/shiny hints of Bollywood spice…) Mimosa/Bloody Mary options included. (Btw, this web-site reconstruction makes me need one! Thousands of pictures to still review and or update, but I’ll shut-up now…)

And I’m also feeling a lot of gratitude for the fields of dreams I still have to realize here in Iowa.


January 2016!!!

An incredible start to the new year ( after Christmas w/ my family & a funeral for my Godfather on the East Coast…) brings the excitement of the Iowa Caucus’ political landscape & me creating a brand new website ( w/ the help of two social media gurus; Brooke Benschotter & Kyle Savage!

The site is still under construction and should be up by the middle of February!

I’m so excited for these changes and all the possibilities 2016 will bring. OMG , we’re off to a  fabulous start!!!



Iowa Public Television & Movie-Star Christmas Cookies


WOW… time is just flying by again this Holiday Season…
So grateful to be non-stop w/ holiday gatherings, Proof Restaurant, filming for IPTV, and special-event work for the luxury brand of Chanel.
So much fun… so much creativity… so much excitement.

And so much visibility… thanks to Panache segments on Iowa Public Television…

And so much inspiration from the women in my life right now…




Along w/ a few good men, too…
(Like James Beard Award-nominated Chefs who are working w/ me at their restaurants…)

Merry Christmas & Happiest of Holidays from me & Panache!!!

Thankful for leftovers… and Chanel.

Just grateful… (especially for this fire on this cold, freezing-rainy night)
This holiday weekend has been incredibly humbling… even having to work on Black Friday… LOL!
I’m also feeling blessed about the past few days, which were filled w/ love, friends, family, holiday decorating & alittle bit of glamour at the Chanel counter.








A collage of gratitude at Thanksgiving…..

What a “whirlwind” these past two weeks have been.
WOW… So much holiday prep & contemplation. From Thanksgiving food demos, indoor markets, CultureAll planning, Festival of Trees & Lights decor, and today transforming Williams-Sonoma into a Christmas fairy-tale-gift shop, well, I need a spa day… LOL!!!
(I’m at the Des Lux tonight)
So much to be thankful though. I’ll shut up now & steam/sauna/Jacuzzi my night away…





BMW’s and Brining Turkeys…



The Des Moines Mom’s Blog threw a 3rd Anniversary Party at BMW of DSM & OMG, was it ever FABULOUS. Just sayin’…
From Kerri Rush’s fresh buffets of international delights, to Beyond Elegance’s sequined taffeta linens & backdrops, to the red-carpet photography of Christopher Maharry.
(And the Lavender-Pear mulled sangria may have been to die for.)



Then came back to back shifts & “Turkey 101” (re: Brine demos) for Williams Sonoma & then Fragrance Modeling for Chanel at Dillards, in Jordan Creek Mall.
Yes, I’m alittle worn-out, maybe… well, not really… but ready to rock out this Holiday Season w/ alittle glamour & alot of Panache.

“HOLIDAY 101”; let it begin…

From this weekend’s Hallow’s Eve festivities, (which started last night, actually) to Thanksgiving prep at Williams Sonoma, to Christmas Party planning w/ the Queen of Dreams (Marcia Wanamaker) well, I’m so excited for the up-coming Holiday Season.
12188597_10153694962719530_1504152100_n (1)


It will be all about giving & creating, from new traditions, w/ black-watch plaids & golds & evergreen to traditional botanical wreath-making workshops for Bollywood Ball volunteers & cookie exchanges.
They’ll even be an old-school Christmas Pudding demo thrown in there somewhere… LOL!!!



A Beau Fodor Production